Making The Interior Of Your Home Look Brand New With New LED Lighting.

Lighting is actually a huge component of interior design, even if it is often misunderstood. In fact, some people fail to understand the importance of placing lights strategically, as well as using the right types of light, in order to improve the looks of their home. Are you worried that your place needs a makeover? Are your rooms too small or cluttered? Before you spend your money on costly and time-consuming renovations, reconsider your lighting first! Keep reading to learn more about how brand-new LED lighting can improve the interior of your home.

Use Brightness And Lighting To Add A Sense Of Spaciousness To Any Environment.

In some cases, illumination can help the size perception of any space. Smaller rooms can look gigantic, if you set the right lights, with the right kind of brightness. What’s special about it is the fact that brightness can clean up and declutter a space, almost like magic! Some people struggle with a sense of clutter, and try to rearrange furniture placement and other things – only to discover that it was just a matter of lighting!

Use Lighting To Set The Right Mood For Any Room.

As mentioned earlier, lighting solutions can help you make a room look and feel bigger. However, the opposite can also be true! The right illumination can indeed help you turn any space into something that’s more like a comfortable nook, with a cozy, mellow, vibe. What’s awesome about LED lighting is that you can find any style of lights that you desire for your residential lighting projects.

Use Different Light Types For Different Effects.

If you want to bring more variety to the illumination of your home, you could consider using different types of lights – from warmer light bulbs, to neon, and LED, each light can give a special touch to the feel of pretty much any environment. With the extended life span and huge variety of LED lighting available on the market today, LED lighting has quickly become the light of choice for many Pittsburgh homeowners

New Energy Efficient LED Can Reduce Energy Cost

Look at the two pictures below, adding recessed LED lights use only 9 watts- the equivalent of an incandescent night light!  Tatman Electric installed recessed LED lighting in the home, it completely transformed the look and feel of the room. It went from a dark, gloomy look to a bright vibrant look. Also, the light is completely controllable, you can dim the lights to your desire brightness.

Return On Investment

In most cases, the investment that it takes to have new residential LED lighting installed in your Pittsburgh home is recouped within 12-24 months. You will have a modern, stylish look, save money on your monthly lighting expenses, and reduce the amount of energy consumption your home consumes. Also, you must take into consideration maintenance, LED light bulbs outlast the older style lightbulbs by far. When your home has high cathedral ceilings, many homeowners must hire a Pittsburgh residential electrician or handyman to change them, LED lights typically have 3 to 5 times the lifespan of traditional bulbs.

Tatman Electric specializes in new construction wiring and new construction lighting installation services it Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and all the surround areas. They will come sit down with you and offer their professional opinion oh your homes best option. When using Tatman Electric, you know you have a true professional Pittsburgh electrician with over 20+ years of experience in Pittsburgh residential lighting installation services.