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Your Pittsburgh homes electrical system is very complex, even something as small as a flickering or dim light can actually be a sign of overloaded circuitry.  Surges of electricity can be detrimental and dangerous to your homes electrical system, it's highly important that you take the necessary actions to protect your property with our whole-house surge protection systems. Surge protection in Pittsburgh can prevent any further damage from occurring to your circuit board.

Electrical surges are A sudden electrical surge is an unexpected spikes in the electrical voltage that travels through your Pittsburgh electrical system. Most electrical surges come from within your home, but others are caused by things outside your home, such as fallen power lines or lightning strikes.

Not all power surges will immediately affect your circuit board, and they may only cause the power in your home to slightly flicker. However, many power surges can end up causing extensive damage to your electrical system, and that can result in serious problems for any number of your appliances or the components of your electrical system. Our professional Pittsburgh electricians can make sure your home has all the protection it needs.

Reasons To Get Whole House Surge Protection

Major damage to your home's electrical system can be prevented with a surge protector installed by Tatman Electric. Any problems with your homes electrical system that are left unfixed for any period of time can cause wiring damage. If you overload your circuitry, then using any appliances that run constantly, such as a refrigerator creates an even higher risk of damage. Our Pittsburgh-PA electrical services team can help you reduce the risk by installing a surge protection system. Whole-house surge protectors will redirect any excess energy that your electrical system generates back into the ground in order to prevent any damage or danger. Also, having a whole house surge protector can prevent you from spending money on replacing your homes electric panel. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. (412) 855-1087

Protect Your Home, Don't Be Like Bob!

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Myths About Whole House Surge Protectors

I have a Power Strip-I’m protected: Completely incorrect, A simple power strip is nothing more than an extension cord with a plug on one end and a bank of outlets on the other.

I plug into a GFCI receptacle—that’s better than an Whole house surge protector: Starting at the fuse box. Unless you live in a very old house, your fuse box is home to circuit breakers. Each breaker protects one electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit.

I only need one for my TV and one for my computer: Honestly, anything that plugs into the wall is vulnerable to electrical surges and spikes.

They cost more than they’re worth-don't really need on: How much does your home computer or TV cost? A whole house surge protector costs far less then replacing expensive electronics.  

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