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Tatman Electric specializes in commercial LED lighting installation in Pittsburgh-PA and the surrounding areas. Our team of Pittsburgh commercial electricians set the standard for turn-key LED lighting retrofit and control packages in many large buildings and factories. We help select the best lighting for your property and focus on getting your company a return on investment as fast as possible.

We work closely with clients to develop a detailed schedule that reduces disruption and maximizes efficiency. In fact, Tatman Electric has installed many Pittsburgh commercial LED lighting projects at night, so no interruption of workflow occurred at all. Accommodating our customers to assure 100% customer satisfaction, No Matter What!

Benefits of commercial led lighting

  • Reduce Energy Costs: LED lighting reduces the lighting portion of your bill by up to 70%
  • Reduced Maintenance: LED lights have a much lower failure rate and warranties of 5-20 years. Additionally they don’t require ballasts, so save you time and money.
  •  Payback period of 1.5 – 5 years: Typically LED retrofits pay for themselves in 1.5 years, with 18-40% returns within 10 years.
  • Reduces energy consumption: Reduces consumption by up to 70%. Plus reduce cooling costs as LEDs emit very little heat in contrast to traditional lights.
  •  Ecologically friendly: Made from non-toxic material

  • Better Quality: LEDs offer higher quality lighting that has been shown to reduce headaches and improve productivity.

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When you operate a business of any size, operating cost are always factor. With so many options available on the LED market today, how do you know which will give you the "most bang for your buck?" Also, Tatman Electric will go through all your options and let you know exactly what will be the most economical for your Pittsburgh property type. All the LED's we install come with a manufacturers warranty. That means your commercial property will be protected after we leave. In the unlikely case anything was to happen, Tatman Electric would respond immediately. In addition, having a Pittsburgh LED commercial lighting contractor that values every size customer is important.

How The Pittsburgh LED Commercial Lighting Installation Process Works


Firstly, Contact Tatman Electric by phone or email to schedule a free no obligation inspection and quote.


Secondly, we'll count the lights, type and wattage so we can select what LEDs will work best and what savings you can expect.


Thirdly, Tatman Electric will present you a proposal that will show how much money you will save. Also, how much the cost will be and answer any questions.


Fourth and most importantly, once you accept our quote we work with you to select the best time for installation. In addition, we start your commercial LED retrofit.


Also, Commercial LED's have a low failure rate vs traditional lighting. But, if you go with us we'll stand behind our project 100%.


Finally, we do a final walk through with you to assure your 100% satisfied with the entire project.

Pennsylvania Utility Rebates

Pennsylvania Utility companies offer several rebates for LED commercial lighting retrofit projects to allow businesses to reduce their energy consumption and provide economic benefits.

Tatman Electric will work with your company to identify the most beneficial rebates for you, and to provide all the documentation needed from our company. With the programs changing yearly, we unfortunately can't guarantee a rebate. 

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