3 Indicators The Time Has Come To Upgrade Your Homes Electrical Panel

If you imagine your Pittsburgh home’s electrical system as if it was a circulatory system, your homes wiring would be like the veins, but your electrical panel would certainly be the heart. Your electrical panel job is taking in power from the line outside your home and distributing it throughout your home. Regrettably, if your Pittsburgh electrical panel’s older, it’s most likely not equipped to distribute power throughout your home to the degree that most modern homes require.

How do you know if your homes current electrical panel is handing the demand? Or, if the times has arrived to invest in electrical panel upgrade? To accurately answer that question, our team of expert Pittsburgh-PA electricians have taken the time to put together a short list to help diagnosis signs that you are overdue for an electrical panel upgrade.

Your Current Electrical Panel Has Fuses Instead Of Circuit Breakers

Depending on the age of your Pittsburgh electrical panel, you might still have fuses in place of circuit breakers throughout your home. While fuses aren’t inherently dangerous, they were generally designed during a time when the average home required a far less supply or electricity to power. Also, they just aren’t equipped to deal with the amount of power coming into modern homes. In addition, fuses weren’t designed with this kind of power consumption in mind is what typically makes them dangerous. If you still have a fuse-based system in your Pittsburgh home, it is time to make the switch to a more modern system that utilizes safer circuit breaker technology instead.

Your Pittsburgh Homes Circuit Breakers Are Often Tripping

When a circuit breaker trips, it is doing so to stop the flow of electricity in an effort to keep a certain circuit from overheating or causing any damage to your home. But it can also occur when the energy demands of your home are exceeding the capacity of your current electrical panel. If you notice that you have breakers that are constantly tripping, it is likely a sign that your current panel isn’t able to keep up with the power demands of your Pittsburgh home. Finally, it is likely time to have an electrical panel upgrade.

Updating To New Appliances

When adding a new microwave or toaster isn’t going to be much of a factor for your older electrical panel. If you are looking at installing a new refrigerator, HVAC unit, dishwasher, oven, or even a hot tub, you are likely going to want to consider a electrical panel upgrade. The new electrical panel can cope with the addition of new appliances. In addition, many modern appliances require more power in order to run effectively. Also, if your older electrical panel can’t handle the load, you could easily find yourself constantly tripping breakers or overloading your panel entirely.

Electrical Panel Upgrade In Pittsburgh-PA

When you decide to have an electrical panel upgrade in Pittsburgh-PA, it’s important to choose the right Pittsburgh electrician to complete the task. Tatman Electric is the best Pittsburgh-PA electricians, family owned and operated they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on every project. Contact them today for a free no obligation inspection and estimate!